Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So The Day Had Come

On November 19th I took a pregnancy test... and would ya of guessed it?.. I seen TWO very distinct PINK lines!! I couldn't believe it I just stared and the tears began to fall and I was shaking for 10 minutes just crying. The day had came after the long dreadful 15 months.

I automatically had to start thinking of a way to break the news to my husband. I just wanted this moment to be very special and surprising. So I taped the test inside of a box and put some paper over it.. when he got home I told him I had something I wanted him to open, (it being so close to Christmas, he just thought it was something I couldn't wait to give him) :) at first he opened and said "An empty box?" he had yet to pull out the paper and when I said "no keep looking," he went on to opening it fully.. He looked up to me in such shock and disbelief. We both just couldn't believe this moment was finally here.
Many months later, like.. 3! I am finally posting this. After a few scares and a lot of relief I am here to tell you that we are expecting Easton Carter on July 23rd and he seems to be a picture of health thus far! We cannot wait to meet this precious little baby boy and start our family together. God has blessed us so much and we are forever thankful. :)

and here is little Mr. Easton Carter :)